Intensive Therapy Blocks

An intensive therapy block at Milestones PT is an individualized intense CME program which would last at least 1 week (ideally 2), and would consist of daily (or twice daily – if available) physical therapy sessions with Jonathan Orgel, PT - a certified level III CME practitioner. The first session would include the CME assessment, and would last 1 hour. Subsequent sessions may be between 45 minutes and 1 hour. After the first several sessions, the parents are carefully trained in a CME Home Program, which would cater to the goals that are set out for their child. The program includes a video of the exercises to be performed by the parents.

As part of the CME characteristics, each child is assessed in the beginning to quantify their baseline functional level. The child can subsequently be reassessed 8 weeks later to see if the child has made a significant, quantifiable difference. This avoids the situation of parents spending time and resources on a treatment modality that may not be effective for their child.

Please call our office 516-455-8944 to set up appointments and to find out more information.

Want a reference from someone who has tried an intensive treatment block from Milestones PT? We can put you in touch with some of our recent clients who have traveled from places like Virginia, New Hampshire, and Illinois. Milestones PT has negotiated rates with local hotels to make accommodations more affordable.

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