Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for today. Please understand my excitement today; this therapy gives a parent hope for "changing/rewiring" the motor system. And for me this means everything. You are a very competent and kind person, as well as a great teacher (Maria said it was the way you explained things and your immediate detailed feedback that made her catch on so quickly. Thank you for helping us. I love the way you were with my daughter; so respectful, kind, and humorous with her. She reacted well.


Hi Jonathan,

I agree that it was a great session.... again.

I have to just reiterate to you that you cannot imagine the hope your talents/skills can bring to a parent. (The progress/learning on her first exercise was nothing short of amazing) . When you watch a skilled person implement it the therapy to me almost looks divine. Through the hands of the therapist a body performs in a way you never thought it could. Like watching someone being healed. I think I'm so impressed more so than typical parents because Im a good consumer and know what works and what is ridiculous.

After Jordan gets better (because you and Maria will rewire her system!!!!! thats the dream/goal) I genuinely hope that our data collection will help people recognize MEDEKs effectiveness or inspire others to gather data in the same manner to show this is what children need/ is their best chance at getting well.

Thanks Again,
God Bless You and Your Family,


Jonathan Orgel and Abby

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Jonathan Orgel working with Suzy on her exercises. You can see Suzy's progress on her website.

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As an educator, I was blessed to meet this amazing girl who changed my life in so many ways 5 years ago. As a toddler Goldy didn’t meet any of the milestones that a typical child would, causing her to be extremely limited both physically and mentally due to her diagnosis. Academically, I took the challenge myself and developed a strong ABA program to compliment her strengths and weaknesses. Physically, Goldy needed support from a well trained professional with a heart of gold and vision, Mr. Orgel. Since day one he has done everything in his power to provide Goldy with the most up to date treatments. Using Cuevas MEDEK Exercises, he was successful in teaching Goldy how to use her brain to mobilize and reach a level of independence others didn’t believe she would. His drive, his dedication, his belief made my Goldy the girl she is today.

Gili Rechany
Educational Director of
Shema Koleinu, Hear Our Voices

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